Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Last Dance

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Monday, July 25, 2011

BILLY JOEL The Stranger ... Even Stranger


This is a really annoying loop from Billy Joel's The Stranger.  Kinda grows on you for a bit, uplifts, and then terrorizes.  I made the loop along with this creepy drawing a while back, whilst having a very bad day.   The loop was longer.  If you listen, please loop the loop.   Probably shouldn't even share this kind of thing, but it's all too easy now!

- Peter Schuette

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Keyboard Magazine, 1995

It takes me a long time to read a magazine.  This one's from 1995.  I've had it on my nightstand for 16 years and am just now unlocking its glitter-ous contents.  As a teenager, there was little way of telling what any of this gear did.   Some pages are a total confusing mess.

I think I would just read the interminable music theory articles or the Nine Inch Nails concert report.  (still used reel-to-reel for their live show, and DX7's as Midi controllers!)  Years later, the gear reviews make a lot more sense.  A couple of my particular favorites, the Novation Bass Station and the Studio Electronics SE-1, both came out in 1995 and are reviewed in this issue.  (We've used both on Psychobuildings tracks.)   Then there's one of the first ads for my favorite live keyboard, the Nord Lead,

and all the amazing / mildly nauseating mid-90s clip art illustrations.

I may have to pick up some more back issues.

- Peter Schuette

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stevie Wonder Feelings

I'm a huge Stevie Wonder fan along with the rest of the band.  More Psychobuildings posts on Stevie to come!  

I love the simplicity of this song's structure.  Very few lyrics-- the power of the performance really makes the song work. 

I try to keep Stevie Wonder in mind when working on Psychobuildings music.  As a songwriter and singer he often communicates very direct, unguarded emotions.  It can be scary thing to put yourself out there like that.  Stevie does it time and time again and I find it really inspiring.  You get the sense that he really feels it making it easier as a listener to feel it and be moved too:

- Peter LaBier

Monday, June 27, 2011

WonderSound Studio, Tracking

photo by faith silva...............

We're getting really REALLY excited about the new Psychobuildings material we're working on with Peter Wade at his studio. It's amazing to hear demos/new ideas come to life, and with our EP coming out now, we're looking forward to the new batch of songs. They are bigger and more clearly pop than the old stuff, but it still has the rhythmic and synth backdrop that got us excited in the first place. It's been great tracking guitars too, love using that Jaguar....

Watching The Bachelorette right now, sickened by it.

- Juan Pieczanski

Friday, June 24, 2011

Terror Management Demo Videos

Psychobuildings music video for the song Terror Management is underway!  The song is on our new EP coming out next month on the label All Hands Electric.  Check out these demo videos director Yoonha Park put together.  Wild experiments with effects here:

- Peter LaBier

Sunday, June 19, 2011



it's really interesting that a woman who is convinced she's involved in alien breeding then turns out to have this rare dna. its like people who are convinced they have alien implants and then it turns out they have these odd metal-like (they often contain compounds that are very complex and puzzling to scientists) objects implanted into their nervous systems.
this guy dr david jacobs (temple univ professor who has studied abductions for 40 yrs) shows slides of patient drawings, and the similarities in the details of the descriptions is very convincing. just amazing details about the sperm/egg retrieval procedures, the kinds of doors/tables found on the ET crafts, etc.


this is a new thing for me, it's like yea i know they're visiting, but i think through the memories of abductees jacobs is starting to understand what the alien agenda is. and he is pretty convinced it is a programmatic hybrid/genetic manipulation breeding program that is well under way, perhaps even reaching its later stages/endgame. jacobs also insists we have to look at abductions as physical events, not just psychic ones. it's real, it's happening, and when you look at the overwhelming testimonial and physical evidence, it's hard not to find this issue compelling.

perhaps 2012 is a date aliens gave our ancestors upon their early encounters for when this new era of beings on earth begins. i hope they don't ice the rest of us though. i want to live! i accept you hybrids, grays, and other ETs!


-Juan Pieczanski